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Akio Nakamura, President, Denyo Kogyo Co., LTD.

  As times change, motorization has progressed dramatically. Today, automobiles are more environmentally friendly, safer, and more useful. For half a century our company worked side by side with the development of the automobile industry. We provide cutting edge technology in resistance welders for auto manufacturers not only in Japan but all over the world.

 The needs of the automobile manufacturers have become more diversified, causing the demands for resistance welders have become highly diversified. In recent years the production lines of automobile manufacturers have become more compact. There is increasing demand that the resistance welder itself be smaller, lighter, and faster.

 To meet these needs, each person in our company puts into practice the company motto, “Through aggressive research and development, prepare for the future.” We have high aspirations, and we will continue to offer cutting edge technology and reliable manufacturing.

 Thank you for taking this opportunity to visit our website. We look forward to doing business with you.

Management Philosophy

  • We value the spirit of mutual prosperity, which is appreciated by customers, employees, their families, business partners, and the local communities.
  • We meet the needs of customers, and offer products that earn their trust and satisfaction.

Basic Management Policy

  • Each person conducts themselves with good faith and sincerity, and aspires to be a role model.
  • We commit to offer the best technology for the satisfaction of customers.
  • All the employees have a strong sense of responsibility and solidarity, to be selfless and to have a considerate heart for others.

Company’s Motto

 Spirit of three-way prosperity
 (Having the spirit of three-way mutual prosperity for society, the consumers, and the employees)
  1. We understand the spirit of three-way prosperity, and make it our own philosophy.
  2. In order to provide the best technology to the world, we commit to aggressive research and development. This is how we grow as an engineering company.
  3. We take customer satisfaction seriously and grow as an excellent company.
  4. We use our creative ability to provide solutions and grow our business.
  5. Through a sense of responsibility and paying attention to details, we accomplish our mission more completely.
  6. We believe in our company's development. We have a rich hope for the future in our hearts.
  7. We continue to grow as a professional responding to our customers’ needs quickly.
  8. Each of us values integrity in our business and also as a member of society.
  9. Each of us is mindful of speech and behavior to work in harmony as a team.
  10. We value a healthy life style and cheerful heart.